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The school is open for private lessons and special events.



Private lessons are by far the most effective way to improve your dancing quickly, with expert advice and custom tailored exercises, watch as your skills as a dancer improve at a rapid pace. Do you feel like your dancing is stuck in a rut? Are you looking for a new challenge? Is there some move that is proving to be more frustrating than fun? A private lesson is the easiest way to get your dancing back on track!You can book a private lesson as an individual leader or follower, or with a partner. Private group lessons for up to 3 couples are also available upon special request.

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Patricia is a fantastic instructor. She is as passionate about the education aspect as the dance itself, and it's just a bonus that she is also a very beautiful and graceful dancer. I especially love that she tells it like it is and is very clear in her explanation of sometimes abstract concepts. She also has a bit of a dark humor that makes her classes fun.

Zhen Xu

I have been dancing with Patricia for over a year now. I love her teaching style.... she covers it all, attention to fundamentals, having fun-while-learning and giving you enough but not too much challenge...I highly recommended joining our fun group of dancers with Patricia!

Ali Rostampisheh

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced tango dancer, Patricia is an outstanding instructor. That is, if you REALLY want to learn to dance and are willing to work on it. Tango is the art of making contact with one another on the dance floor, listening and responding attentively and skillfully to each other in order to together express the music. If that is what you want to learn, these are the teachers for you.

Daniel Meyer

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